The US is a group, the U therefore.N. Obviously it is. UN is here so people think things are receiving better, and they can leave their responsibility, to such organizations. UN is no better. It is worse even, considering what it should be. UN isn’t needed, in a better, peaceful world.

The Red Cross is an organization, the Red Mix is wicked therefore. Red Cross and most similar “humanitarian” organizations mostly do short-term and limited damage relief. When there is certainly some thought (and money) put into long-run reconstruction, they have seldom anything to do with greater independence of these people (though they’re absolutely sure are good exceptions).

Red Cross is not needed, in a better, peaceful world. The ACLU is a mixed group, the ACLU is evil therefore. It is the same. These organizations are, because there are problems here, which must not be. They build a weather of stability, in a situation which should be most temporary. They do temporary and limited relief, when the highest priority should be to really build a much better world. In fact, most problems are because of the slowness and passivity, on the question to do something better.

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No, their actions aren’t “a start”. The beginning would be to focus completely on what we are in need of, and what we wish, for a much better world, with everyone. Then, apply simply, as much as possible, within the current system (depending on the number of individuals). The others will observe logically.

What we are in need of most, is a well-thought and serious construction. A simple really, reasoned and reasonable framework. The rest is a waste of time and only pertains to the continuation of the current situation. At most, we see small good solutions, however the bad solutions are more numerous much, and the balance would be that the global situation is worsening every day. You don’t need to care too much about details and precision. What is important, is that groups lead to numerous too, and too great problems. We should just forget about it.

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