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A great deal has happened since I updated last including the fact that I completed my half Marathon! I honestly never really thought that I would be able to do this. It was hard, but even though I lost a little enthusiasm at the end I am a totally different person now. It is hard to describe, but I notice little things on a regular basis that have changed in my life.

I find myself doing things I thought of as too much before. I drive my physical limits – or what I have perceived as my limits. It really is almost like after doing the impossible (owning a fifty percent) my mind has been opened up to the options. Consider it. After running 13.1 miles it is hard to say 2 kilometers on the elliptical, a 5-mile walk to Wal-mart, or the dreaded stepper is too hard.

On the home part I am almost out of the house. I have literally been at my house maybe 5 days this month between travel for work and house sitting at my parents. I really was grandma sitting down since she lives across the street from them and needs extra help.

I had to respond to two lifelines calls when I was there including one in the middle of the night involving lots of blood. We alsohad several medical visits, physical therapy, and speech theory while I was there. Combine that with the standard things like grocery shopping and it was a crazy couple of weeks. I am not sure how my mother does it everyday. Also my parents think they have found “the” house. In reality, there are two of these that they like so if the negotiations go well they might be out by Xmas!

That will mean I might be fully shifted into my new house (their current house) by the brand-new Year! Starting Monday I am living within my grandmother until they re-locate. This happened much faster than we ever thought it could. I feel kind of silly being truly a 30-something woman coping with my grandmother but oh well.

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On the music group side I needed .5 ccs removed the week prior to the race. I used to be having some acid reflux and with my pre-race nutrition requirements it wasn’t worth fighting the band and risking harming it – or not getting the nutrition I needed to run. This Wednesday and hopefully this works for me personally I finally got fifty percent of it back in. My body just doesn’t like the restrictions – I either have too much or too little.

I don’t appear to have a sweet place. My doctor is okay with this of course. He pointed out that I’ve lost 93 pounds with my music group being in the backdrop but dang it is hard sometimes. My appointment with the doctor gave me a chance to discuss goals with him.

In days gone by, he previously set my goal at 180 – slightly below obese. He doesn’t remember that and says that I hit his goal months ago. According to him, I am healthy and have been a healthy weight for a while. Which is exactly what he desires truly. The BMI chart is not correct for me personally – surprise surprise.