Ateljevic, J., Et Al 1

Ateljevic, J., Et Al

The Balkans cover a huge area of Europe, heterogeneous in historical experience, policy, and demographics; it is rich in opportunities for entrepreneurship but from homogeneous significantly. The aim of this special issue is to explore entrepreneurship from the perspective of Balkan countries, building on pioneer works including those of Ateljevic, et al. The Balkans never have been a center point of interest in current literature on entrepreneurship and small business and this issue aims to get over this deficit inside our knowledge.

It will be welcomed by regional and international analysts who are thinking about knowing more about entrepreneurship in the Balkan countries. Both micro and macro-level studies are asked. Also, both quantitative and qualitative approaches are welcome. We also encourage writers to come forward with emerging and groundbreaking topics to diversify and widen research from the perspective of the Balkans. Ateljevic, J., et al.

  1. Foreign employment income (Form 2555)
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  4. 3rd Outside Track: Andrew Miller
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