Dry Skin Rash Causes, Treatment For Hands & Legs 1

Dry Skin Rash Causes, Treatment For Hands & Legs

Dry skin rash is a common problem. Having knowledge on triggers can support you in finding the simplest way on how to take care of rash that is included with drying body on the hands, face, and legs. Find pictures below that will guide your reading to understand this issue clearly. Can Dry Skin Result in a Rash? Drying body with rash may appear following visibility of the skin to drying elements and/or allergenic compounds that irritate the skin.

It can also take place when skin area dryness triggers skin health problems such as eczema and psoriasis. The allergy can be paralleled by itchiness in some instances. Your unique hair, toenail, and epidermis beauty natural vitamins. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. What is Dry Skin Rash? A rash can be brought on by various factors, which range from makeup products and certain medications to allergy symptoms and other illnesses e.g. erythematosus and eczema. Epidermis allergy is associated with drying especially in patients suffering from contact dermatitis often.

Contact dermatitis is characterized by raised bumps, itching, red rash, and dried out sometimes, scaly, body that appears to be a burn. Your skin might also feel small and stiff. Certain elements that lead to dryness in pores and skin could also trigger rashes commonly. Included in these are cosmetics, soaps, and detergents, dyes. Skin allergy can in most cases be viewed at home.

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The first step in curing dried dermis rashes at home is to get rid of the dehydrating procedures and providers from your daily skin care regimen. If you are using regular soaps, you will want to start by replacing them with gentle cleansers. Cutting down on the time you spend in the shower or bathing is also a great step towards healing a dry skin rash. The water you use also needs to be warm rather than hot since how mineral water might make the condition worse.

After a shower, you should pat your skin layer dry alternatively then rub your towel across it since massaging can make the allergy worse. It’s important also that you don’t cover the rash with any clothing as this might make worse by keeping air out. Most importantly, do not surrender to the desire to scratch your skin as this worsens the condition and makes the healing up process slower. Instead, use a hydrocortisone (1%) cream to alleviate the rash of itchiness. Lotions are best for dried epidermis rashes also.

You will especially look for those with calamine since it has a relaxing effect. You may also consider having an oatmeal bathtub. But if your rash is painful, acetaminophen or ibuprofen may help. But if you have any liver or kidney disease or have ever had stomach ulcers, you should seek advice from with your doctor before taking these medications.