We are David & Sheri Burns, taking all the misunderstandings out of beekeeping. Our goal is to help more folks start keeping bees! Which is working. More and more people took up beekeeping because of our initiatives. We are trying to spread the expressed word about how exactly important honey bees are to all of us.

Yesterday, out of the blue, I had been asked by FOX NEWS execute a live interview on the Neil Cavuto show. I welcomed the opportunity to get the word out on the national news about the plight of the honey bee. Click to view the interview here. Many people want to begin keeping bees, but are clueless concerning when to start out, what things to buy, how to do it and where you can buy everything. Then, there is the huge learning curve of knowing what you are doing. At Long Lane Honey Bee Farms Here, we know they are challenges to prospective beekeepers, so we are doing our part to walk you through how to become a beekeeper.

We want to make it simple and easy to comprehend. Beekeeping is an excellent hobby and can become a home-based business as your hives broaden. Many customers reveal how much they enjoy beekeeping and exactly how relaxing it really is. 47, we want to offer you a snap shot of how to begin keeping honey bees.

Buy Your Equipment, called Woodenware because most bee hives are constructed of wood. 249, painted and assembled. Nothing to develop or paint! When should you purchase your hive? PURCHASE YOUR Bees. We dispatch your bees to you through UPS, if you order a hive also, otherwise intend to grab at our service.

You obtain 3 pounds of bees, which is approximately 10,000 bees and 1 queen. The bundle is about the size of a shoe box with a display around it. Inside the package there’s a can of glucose drinking water that the bees eat while being shipped to you. 96. Bees must be purchased between Jan-April.

Most deals of bees sell out fast, so that it is important to order your bees in the winter months! 59 for the hat/veil, smoker, and hive tool. Once you order your items, review our FREE online lessons. Our lessons are extremely easy to follow and can answer all of your questions.

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Each lesson will walk you through the entire process of keeping bees. For example, our Lesson Seven shall walk you through how to set up your first package deal. It is simple and easy to comprehend. We are your mentors! Every new beekeeper needs you to definitely call or email with questions. We are to answer your questions here. When you purchase your items from us, we’ll be your individual mentor.

Believe me, this is a huge sacrifice of our time, but we take action because we appreciate our customer’s business and we want our customers to feel comfortable in keeping bees. Have a look at our New STUDIO BEE LIVE BROADCAST! Inside our next lesson, I’ll talk about feeding bees Fondant in late winter/early spring and present you some Fondant meals. And I’ll relax your anxieties about spotting on your hives on warm winter days.

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