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Exercise Bike Zone

Bladez Fitness’ top-of-the-line R500i Recumbent Bike offers endless variety, offering 26 workout programs plus countless additional program possibilities through downloadable apps with Bladez’ unique i.Concept technology. The i.Concept feature on the Bladez Fitness R500i Recumbent Bike enables an individual to download suitable apps to their mobile device for interactive training workouts plus entertainment.

In addition to the large variety of workout programs, the Bladez Fitness R500i also offers 24 degrees of electronically controlled soft and calm magnetic level of resistance to keep the strength of your workout routines challenging as you progress in your fitness goals. Incorporating a large blue backlit LCD console screen, the Bladez Fitness R500i gives you to track the improvement of your workouts, displaying stats such as time, distance, speed, calories burned, and heart rate (via hand-grip connections).

Built for user comfort, the Bladez Fitness R500i features a variable seat (via smooth fore/aft chair slider), enabling the best fit possible for different user heights. The top comfortable padded chair features a 3-position reclining backrest with vertical changes. The backrest also features a mesh design help to keep you cool when you exercise.

Recent studies have paid especially close attention to EGCG in several ways. It has been proven to simultaneously increase metabolism and activate extra fat oxidation. Evidence shows that it can also help your body increase fat excretion through waste matter. Studies also indicate the strong possibility that taking green tea for weight loss may also help your body inhibit the development of fat cells. Research conducted on mice that experience similar weight gain compared to that of humans were conducted using EGCG as a health supplement. The study revealed that abdominal putting on weight, which typically results from decreased blood sugar levels and increased fecal lipids was eventually low in the test group which received the EGCG dietary supplement.

These pets also were shown to have an improved insulin response and a decrease in fatty liver occurrence. Similar research was conducted on an elderly band of humans with metabolic symptoms at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. The test group was asked to drink 3 cups of green tea extract per day for 2 months without making changes to their diets.

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  • Subcutaneous fluid (aka ‘drinking water retention’) is removed

A noticeable decrease in waste materials measurements was noted at the end of the experiment, leading experts to endorse the effectiveness of green tea extract for weight loss. How Does Green Tea Work? Green tea extract consists of natural antioxidants, known as catechins, that assist the body get rid of fat when consumed over a period. Some extensive research suggests that they help the liver to break down complex materials, which leads to the oxidation of fat. This does not indicate you drink a container or more of green tea extract a day.

According to Dr. Mercola, green tea for weight reduction is most reliable when consumed through the first two hours after meals. Evidence demonstrates a total offering of 300 mg EGCG will boost the oxidation of fat by 33 percent. However, it is possible to reach a spot of diminished returns as a higher serving only boosts oxidation of fat by 20 percent.