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Sorry to be M.I.A! Anyhoo, I back am! All of the products were nicely bubbled wrap which is ? from me! I received my order in 3 times, which is fast. Every item was wrapped in bubble wrappers securely. Price – I got the set for Rs. Name Eyebrow Pencil in Black. I acquired it for Rs. Price – MRP Rs.

I first got it for Rs. Price – MRP Rs. I got it for Rs. Price – MRP Rs. I got it for Rs. Price – MRP Rs. I acquired it for Rs. Price – MRP Rs. I got it for Rs. Price – MRP Rs. I got it for Rs. Price – MRP Rs. I got it for Rs. Price – MRP Rs. I got it for Rs. I am happy with my buys really. As always send me some love! Follow, like, and comment!

Such sales accounted for approximately 7% and 6% of total online sales in 2017 and 2016, respectively. Our home and pores and skin and locks maintenance systems are available in China, Canada, and certain other foreign countries. Every once in awhile, our customers return products to us. For our household products, we permit returns limited to a restricted time.

With regard to your skin and locks care products, earnings are more frequent under an unwritten industry standard that allows returns for a variety of reasons. Until February 1 We possessed our manufacturing facilities, 2013, whenever we sold the facilities and got into into a rent with the new owner for some of the facilities.

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Please, see Note 12 to our Consolidated Financial Statements in Item 8 for information on our leasing back again certain of the production facilities that we sold. We own and operate all of our production equipment. Quality control is enforced at all stages of production, as well as upon the receipt of raw materials from suppliers. We purchase our raw materials from a genuine variety of suppliers and, currently, our raw materials can be found easily. However, we don’t have long-term contracts with these suppliers and any contracts we do have with suppliers may be terminated at any time.

Our sole provider for the oxygenated oil found in our Neoteric Diabetic Healing Cream product is a French company with which we have a non-exclusive source agreement. Furthermore, we have exclusive suppliers for two of the polymers used in our Scott’s Liquid Gold Floor Restore product. We think that we’ve good interactions with our suppliers. Most of our manufacturing procedures, including most packaging, are automated highly, and, as a total result, our manufacturing functions are not labor intensive, nor, for the most part, do they involve comprehensive training.

We currently are powered by a one-shift basis. Our manufacturing facilities can produce substantially larger quantities of our products without any expansion, like the products that people obtained in the Acquisition and, for that reason, we believe that our physical seed facilities are adequate for the foreseeable future. In 2001, Neoteric commenced purchases of face and other skin care sachets from Montagne Jeunesse under a distributorship contract covering the United States.

Pursuant to our distribution agreement with Montagne Jeunesse that became effective on September 15, 2014, we continue as the exclusive distributor to market and sell Montagne Jeunesse’s face and other skin care sachets in America. The distribution agreement with Church & Dwight provides that we will never be permitted to manufacture, deliver, or sell any products that are competitive with Batiste Dry Shampoo products.

The initial pricing conditions for the Batiste products were negotiated with Church & Dwight, but may be increased by Church & Dwight anytime upon 90 times’ prior written notice of any price increase. Through Dec 31 The term of the distribution agreement with Church & Dwight operates, 2018 and can automatically renew for successive one-year terms until it is terminated by either party upon 30 times’ prior written notice.

Both family members and skin and hair maintenance systems markets are highly competitive. We contend in both marketplaces against a range of competitors, most of which are bigger and have greater money significantly, name identification and product and market diversification than us. We compete in both categories mainly based on quality and the distinguishing characteristics of our products. The real wood care product category is dominated by 3 to 5 companies that are significantly bigger than us and each one of these rivals produces several competing products. In your skin and hair treatment category, many of our rivals are significantly bigger than us and each one of these competitors produces several competing products.