Superstition Is All We Have Left

TV audiences across the world are receiving quite upset with the noisy and proud sound of the vuvuzela at all matches. Paul, one of the lads we picked up on the way, showing how to visit with the movement. TV – in the bottom these are nowhere near as deafening or “annoying” as some seem to believe and suggest, if anything they build-up a real excellent atmosphere. England supporters, but one or two Americans slipped in!

Richard proceeded to go and commandeered, for the price tag on a beanie and a flag, a smart flatbed pickup truck and driver rather. Dad and Little Scott, putting your signature on and celebrating on the back of it away! American lass got some of the lads around (names withheld, of course) very excited, and for reasons unknown they insisted that I get an image of me eating one of the steaks whilst stood next to her.

6,000 below the capability for the ground. Dad thought we would show off how many ales he previously by waving both an England and American flag around, and of course Richard showing off exactly what he thought of the one with stars on it! Nottingham Constabulary who had flown to “keep an eye on things”.

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Dad enjoying the spectacle! Freddie Boswell out of Bread wig and appearance was entirely Dad’s own doing, but until now absolutely none of us can keep in mind how or when he got his face painted! England petered out the better! Mr W Rooney Esq., believes it or not. England does, he truly is one of the best in the world. 11 starting to warm up. A couple of of these can be starting to pack and go back home early, if you want my opinion, but perhaps let’s wait and find out if they improve next week!

Americans at the game, plus a lady of apparent Asian source who he grabbed from somewhere to maintain this picture for no apparent reason. Captain America here and my father got a Frank and forthright exchange about the game rather, it needs to be said. Dad “Mr Ambassador” because of this of the advice he provided to the captain and even the whole of America.

Dad gave them, but if they actually, I imagine reaching the telephone to answer phone calls will be difficult whilst these are doing it, so don’t take offense if you want to speak to American, and they are not answering! Americans were rather noticeable and vocal outside, within it was all dominated by English followers and flags.

English boys, ideally if they stumble on this website by accident they may be very happy to have a pic of them! Richard before the game kicked down off and the sun went, showing off just exactly what the whole day was about. Richard, for the most part, stayed awake for the bus trip home – all 5 hours from it. Eddie at a completely random petrol station off. Scott the midget, who had fallen over a few times in the stadium (apparently due to “structural flaws in the stadium” which affected nobody else), saw this as a chance to buy some food.