Silicon Valley Houses 1

Silicon Valley Houses

SUNNYVALE – For many years, the Raynor Park community was an island of moderate living in Silicon Valley. Forget about. Just over a half-mile from Apple’s “spaceship” campus under building in Cupertino, Raynor Park – like neighborhoods throughout the Bay Area – is a residential area in the changeover. It’s one more island of affordability that’s going poof amid the housing crunch due to the tech boom.

1.2 million, the neighborhood’s cheapest sale of 2015. “The individuals who here are coming in, they’re doctors and techies. Month Last, the Trulia real estate website reported that million-dollar homes will be the new norm for a lot of the Bay Area. 1 million or more increased from 19 percent to 94.4 percent.

– increasingly torn down by developers and private customers – are sandwiched between Mediterranean-style McMansions. Tesla in the driveway. 275,000. “But it’s occurring everywhere. Even with its escalating prices, Raynor Park is the most affordable community in Sunnyvale’s sought-after 94087 ZIP code. Two of its public colleges – Laurelwood Elementary and Peterson Middle School – are well-ranked. And its proximity to Apple’s new campus helps it be “a jackpot,” said Karishma Arora, a physician in San Jose.

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While living in her Raynor Park house, she added, “We were contacted by real estate people constantly. We would get fliers, knocks on the door: ‘Hey, are you interested in selling? All-cash purchasers are experienced by us.’ THEREFORE I think they’re going to be all wiped out, those little shacks. Those little houses – old-time residents make reference to them as “flattops” – were built starting in the past due 1940s. The neighborhood was a homey place then, full of chicken breast coops and well-loved backyards. Its street names recall its founders: Bryant Way was called for original landowners Clarence and Clara Bryant.

Ramon and Navarro drives were named for Hollywood actor Ramon Navarro, one of Clara Bryant’s favorite leading men of the ’20s and ’30s. The very name Raynor Park – spelled Ray-Nor, with a hyphen – is a contraction of “Raymond” and “Eleanor,” two of the Bryants’ children. Near bustling El Camino Real, with its shopping and restaurants, Raynor Park’s quick transformation – all those McMansions – is a shock to old-timers such as Warren Campbell, a retired plane auto technician whose handcrafted mailboxes dot a nearby.

“Years ago, everyone had a flattop,” he said. “Now they tear them all down and put up something new for a million-and-a-half dollars. It’s a pity, while I see these flattops torn down. The beams inside – they’re all two-by-six-heart redwood. Such changes apart, the neighborhood remains relatively calm and even boasts expanses of open land. It adjoins Full Circle Farm, a nonprofit dedicated to sustainable food systems that sits on 11 acres leased from the Santa Clara Unified School District. With a residential area garden and its stable of alpacas and mini-horses, the farm is a favorite destination for local schoolchildren. Across the street is the town of Sunnyvale’s eponymous Raynor Park, with ball fields and a grouped community activity center on near to 15 acres.

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