I Wish It Wasn't The Case 1

I Wish It Wasn’t The Case

Unless she said she was worried because of your race, it isn’t right to expect an apology and also to make an assumption about her motives. As a woman, I am always on edge if I find myself by itself in the dark with a guy a have no idea. Any man. But a guy significantly bigger than me makes me even more uneasy. I don’t care what color he could be or even what clothes he could be wearing. EASILY don’t know him, he could be a potential danger to my protection. For women alone out, we don’t possess the blissful luxury of erroring privately of polite if we want to stay safe.

I wish it wasn’t the situation, but it is fact. I (a white woman) have been assaulted in a reasonably public place with a white man in a nice business suit who thought I had been an easy focus on because I used to be traveling alone. I really do not trust men, I have no idea.

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Period. I get into my car as quickly as possible and always lock the entranceway immediately even throughout the day. Night At, I walk with my keys protruding through my fingers in the event someone tries to surprise me. WHILE I download my baby and groceries into the car, I always need to be aware of who is around me and I try to be as quick as it can be so that I am not susceptible for long.

Racism is real, it is horrible and wrong that there are people who dread someone based solely on the color of their epidermis. However, women have to protect themselves and our fear is valid and real, too. I would rather risk someone assumes I am racist than put myself at risk to verify I am not.

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