Should It Is Performed By Us? 1

Should It Is Performed By Us?

One of the first things Darryl Willie does after being elected to the school board was to be on WJCT and shill for Teach for America, which currently will pay him six figures. I think many people would disagree with Mr. Willie there but the bigger question is shouldn’t Daryl Willie have to resign from Teach for America?

The city charter has a provision that says general public workers can’t keep elected offices. Now you may be asking isn’t Teach for America, a non-income and the answer are kind of. Tim Groulx a professor at the University of North Florida submitted to run against Scott Shine but was later told he’d have to resign from UNF if he was elected.

There are numerous potential issues of passions with Willie and the area and its not merely with TFA, as he has used the big bucks and has numerous close contacts with charter universities as well. First you have to split up yourself from this program and the instructor. Anybody if they are a college of ed grad, a business person starting another career or a TFA teacher deserves respect and support for showing up.

It’s this program not the individual educators that is dreadful. What would I be informed by you, if I came to you with the following plan. Okay, is the program here, let’s take recent college grads, most won’t be education majors but that’s okay, because we will put them through a five-week instructor training. Then we will put them in our neediest schools where they may be likely to serve two years though they can serve to get more if they want to.

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It’s true about one in six won’t make it to two years & most won’t stay beyond their initial dedication but that’s alright these exact things happen. Should it be performed by us? The thing is that is exactly what Teach for America does. But it gets a lot worse. TFA was brought to town by a man named Gary Chartrand.

Despite the fact he is a grocer, all be it though, a very rich grocer, he consistently inserts himself in local education. He envisions a district filled with KIPP charters staffed by TFA teachers and when the candidates of the districts 6 lavished praise on TFA, that is who they sided with while siding against professional teachers.

TFA says anybody can be instructors and experience will not matter and we all know or ought to know that is far from the truth. It’s insulting to individuals who have made teaching a lifetime career also. TFA also allows those who seek to dismantle public and to seem like they care.

It allows them to say, well we’re not going to purchase doing things the correct way, but hey perhaps you have checked out the program that puts instructors in inner-city colleges? I’d ask you all the next questions. Shouldn’t’ we strive to put professional teachers in all our classrooms?

Why won’t the legislature fund money for loan forgiveness or grad school for traditional teachers after 2 yrs? Can we afford all the excess costs of the very costly program? Don’t our neediest children, heck all our children are worthy of better than a revolving door of beginner teachers ever? Darryl Willie could have you think he cares about our kids nevertheless, you if he continues to push TFA then the only thing he really cares about is his six-figure salary. I am hoping he shows me wrong but if his interview on WJCT is any indicator he does not have any plans to take action.

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