Ten Steps TO AVOID Negative Thinking 1

Ten Steps TO AVOID Negative Thinking

We all have occasions where we feel frustrated, upset, and uncaring. This list will help you when those moments turn into minutes, hours, and eventually days, if you find yourself in a negative funk – a continuing grumpy disposition. 1. Each day by reading a positive quote Begin. Buy a daily calendar every year with positive quotes.

Sign up to keep these things land in your e-mail inbox. 2. Focus on the positive. Each day by thinking about three things that went well End. In the event that you start considering what didn’t go well, refocus on the positive until you have at least three optimistic, constructive, and encouraging thoughts. Go to sleep Then! 3. Think about what you like best in the person you like the most. Write a quick note or simply call and tell that person, for no other reason than to let them know. 4. The day has a few ten-minute breaks during, day each.

It is easy to feel guilty about not getting something done. Taking a brief break Gets something done, and it shall help to make you more effective. Look out the window, take a quick walk outside, or simply walk down the hallway. 5. The morning hours — even before your morning espresso Drink one glass of cool water very first thing in.

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Most of us don’t ingest enough fluids, day and this will help your energy level as you begin your. 6. The morning hours Turn off the news in. Start some nice music instead — something relaxing but not too slow. You don’t want to buy putting you back to sleep! Listen to a smooth jazz station, as an example. 7. Have a different path.

On the right path to work or when you are running errands, look to see what’s unique of the last time you went that way. 8. Everyday Write and send one many notice, for no other purpose than to say thanks. If you are a business person, do not include your business card — you don’t want it to come across as a marketing technique focused on you.

9. Your negative thoughts for five days Tally. Now, make it an objective to have an equal number of positive thoughts each day — for another five days, record only the positive thoughts, as a start. 10. SMILE when you greet people –at work, in a store, wherever! It is really hard in which to stay a bad feeling if you are smiling and someone else is smiling back. We are all attacked by the “grumpies” sometimes. Put these ten tips to work, and before very long, you will be to your normal back again, positive self!