Bat In The Attic 1

Bat In The Attic

A boxed collection available only at Target for starting out with DnD 5th edition. Includes guidelines, aides, and an experience. The rules are far more complete than the DnD Starter Kit. They describe five character classes Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard up to 6th level. An addition rules for sidekicks which obviously not only play the role of traditional hireling but also as additional adventuring companions for smaller organizations.

The rules go into how to level sidekicks. You can find three categories of sidekicks; Experts, Spellcasters, and Warriors. The aides add a doubled sided poster maps of the Sword Coast around Neverwinter on one side and the town of Phandelver on the other. A couple of credit cards that are mostly magic items but likewise incorporate initiative tracking, condition monitoring, sidekicks, and quests.

There is a referee screen, and six personality sheets. The experience, Dragon of Icespire Peak, takes place in and around Phandelver much like the Lost Mine experience in the beginner kit. Generally it is the collection one session quests combined with dining tables to determine where the adventure’s antagonist, Cryovain, a young white dragon, is at when the ongoing party moves.

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The quest framework comes off a little like a gaming however it also a structured sandbox. It starts off with two quests on the “job” panel in Phandelver and then will go following that. The quest, the town explanations, and the random tables regulating the dragon all point the party to a confrontation with the Cyrovain and the conclusion of the overall adventure. Honestly for something that is trying to get a newbie heading, this experience is well down for a potential sandbox experience. If the referee doesn’t obtain it immediately the quest structure will keep things moving in a way that fun and feels like progress is being made.

For referees that want to branch out there will do in adventure and the boxed set to take action. I will say that most of the adventure location are fleshed out fairly. Most are complete small dungeons or adventures. While a little pricey as an expansion, this with the Lost Mines adventure within the Starter set produces a very nice campaign. With two major antagonists and a wealth of locations to explore nobody is going to feel railroaded or hemmed with the mixture. DnD Beyond is the state-digital platform for D&D fifth release.

There will be a lot never to like about the business model as it might “disappear completely” at any time because all their content is hosted on the server. Thus when they away go, the content will recede. But the website and application make looking up stuff convenient on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Very convenient as I was finding out.

Enough so that there may some merit to do something similar with the various retro-clones of the OSR. The DnD Essential Kit comes with two rules. The first allows you to buy the 5e PHB on DnD Beyond at half price, the second provides you the Dragon of Icespire Peak for free. In experimenting with this, I learned that you can add the DnD 5e basic rules to your account or application for free.

With the Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure you get a considerable peak of how the features of DnD Beyond works. Like finding out about specific spells, abilities, or classes, I could quickly zero in on a spot within the experience. With the website I’m also able to pull up images of not only the keyed map but also a player version that I could save and use with Roll20, Fantasy Ground, or print out for the table. Overall I used to be delighted at the efficiency and convenience, but it will be optional. My recommendation is to try the essential Rules and above adventure if you get the Essentials Kit and find out if it’s for you.

I opted to get the PHB for half off as I understand I would utilize it. I just got a smartphone and it demonstrates considerably handier than I thought it would be. This just adds to the functionality of these devices. The Lost is considered by me Mine of Phandelver among the best DnD adventures ever made.