They Sold Alaskan Fishing Trips ‘of AN ETERNITY.’ Now The Idaho AG Is Suing Them 1

They Sold Alaskan Fishing Trips ‘of AN ETERNITY.’ Now The Idaho AG Is Suing Them

They sold Alaskan angling trips ‘of a lifetime.’ the Idaho AG is suing them Now. BOISE – A guided salmon fishing trip in Alaska? With meals and a four-night stay static in a location called the Lost Yeti Lodge? Pacheco made the winning bid and got a call the next day from Access Life’s Adventures, the Treasure Valley-based business that had donated the trip, he says.

“If I wanted to have a second person, it might be at a discounted price,” Pacheco, who lives in California, told the Idaho Statesman. So he paid for another person: his kid. Four weeks later, Pacheco says, he and his boy were in Alaska with no tour guide, no cabin and a text message telling him that the trip was canceled. Pacheco sued Access Life’s Adventures owners Keith “Craig” Fletcher and wife Crystal Fletcher in small promises court this past year.

3,in April – what Pacheco paid to add his son to the trip 355 judgment against them, plus unexpected lodging, rental car and food costs, he said. That wasn’t the only lawsuit against the business enterprise or its owners. And it wouldn’t be the last. 190,306 for led holidays in 2018 that happened never.

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Public records show that Fletcher shaped a new business, Karve Outdoors, january of this season in. A Facebook page was created for the business and began promoting it in late July. Fletcher says he has taken veterans on fishing trips for free and asks why nobody put him in the spotlight for that.

“There’s simply a lot of grey in this,” he said. Gary Pacheco and his son began their Alaska vacation on July 1 last year. July 2 The fishing trip was to launch, but they wanted to fly into Anchorage a day early to beat the holiday travel rush, he said.

Pacheco arranged for his or her early appearance with Crystal Fletcher, he said. She wanted to let Pacheco and his kid stay static in a cabin of theirs, he said. “They were going to pick me up at the airport terminal,” he informed the Statesman. But when Pacheco and his son arrived, it was 2 a.m., and nobody was at the airport looking forward to them, he said.

He called Craig Fletcher. “He acted like he didn’t even know we were coming in,” Pacheco told the Statesman. “He said, the morning hours to pick you up ‘I’ll be there in. Pacheco gave the Idaho Attorney General’s Office copies of texts he exchanged with Fletcher. The morning hours of Sunday They started, July 1, with Fletcher informing Pacheco that he was on his way but his trip was delayed in Seattle.

The last text Fletcher delivered was about 11 a.m. July 2, saying he is at Alaska but needed to go back to Idaho immediately. “I used to be just educated of a family crisis at home,” he wrote, apologizing and stating that Crystal would follow up with options to reschedule or get a refund.