How To Not Lose Weight 1

How To Not Lose Weight

You can sabotage you possess efforts to lose weight by missing meals and not consuming enough water. Also if you love a bowl of potato chips and pie followed by apple pie and custard, that will help too. Beer is a no if you want to lose weight no. But unless you want to lose excess weight, have fun.

If you are identified NOT to lose weight, this short article has the right advice that will help you achieve your ambition. You can do this in several ways. Firstly, by: Going on a starvation diet. That is missing meals in support of having half foods when you do eat. You may think that by lacking foods you are taking in less calories from fat and surely that is exactly what you should do to lose weight.

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  3. You may survive without the one you love carbs but it will be brutal
  4. Consumed an average of 102 calories from fat per min
  5. Consider a weight-loss program with a maintenance element
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But you are incorrect. Because your body will decide that there is going to be always a famine for reasons unknown therefore will store whatever sugars and extra fat are in the food you need to do to eat and store it as fats for possible future hunger. Not consuming enough water. Water is essential for living.

You can live for about 3 weeks without food, but no more than seven days without water. A day You will need to drink about 2 liters. If like me you don’t like plain water, you can include unsweetened cordial to it. Do not confuse drinking genuine juice with drinking water.

Pure fruit juice is more of a food than a drink. Alcohol especially beer shall make you put on weight because it is filled with calories. So if you DONT want to lose weight, drink lots from it. Also, not consuming enough water will make you constipated. This can make you are feeling bloated, sluggish, and your metabolism will decelerate, resulting in the food you are doing eat being struggling to get away from you and can store as excess fat. The faster your metabolism, the quicker your waste materials will be evacuated from your system rather than get a chance to suspend about as fat. Carbohydrates shall make sure you DONT lose weight.

If you are actually decided that you DONT want to lose excess weight. Be sure to eat lots of food comprising carbohydrates. There’s a load of carbohydrates in pastries and breads. So have fun, tuck into a large plate of meat chips and pie, followed by some delicious apple custard and pie. And to make sure you DONT lose weight really, have seconds of everything. Salt shall assist you in your mission Never to lose weight. Salt will absorb water. So the more salt you take into your body, the less water you will see to convert into blood and other body fluids. Now you understand how to sabotage your own body and self-destruct. So you shall learn how to Not LOSE FAT.