New Innovation Online Shopping Experience!

Are you an eCommerce business trading on eBay? Are you sick and tired of the list fees involved? Sick of the selling fees and to add insult then, you’re then billed again by PayPal? Have you dreamed about having a place to market your products online ever, without those extra costs?

You want to feel good when you buy don’t you? Instead of just buying something you want to feel as if you’re sending yourself a gift. Well Sellzo is completely focused on getting you a unique and powerful system. Out of this system you can run your website and monitor your path to success fast. Sellzo’s online store platform provides private users and small to large businesses with all the tools and functionality needed to design and operate their business just how they really want. Here’s How We’re Different At Sellzo, we’ve discarded the monthly charge. We don’t ask you for a transaction fee and there is no lock in agreements either!

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We don’t even ask you for a single thing to open up a trading accounts! Right away, as an online business, you’re onto successful! The Benefits of possessing a Sellzo Account As well as the above-mentioned benefits, a Sellzo Business Plan also brings many more features and benefits. You can articulate your brand without any ever designing experience! All you do is choose from one of our many existing templates or create a fresh one.

Then it’s simply a pull and drop to build your own unique shop theme. You’ll be able to offer your customers the ability to add several products at the same time to your shopping cart. And why not reward your existing customers and potential clients with a voucher? We can help you with that!

Do you need to supply more information about your web shop to your visitors, such as A Return Policy for example? Using a Sellzo account, you can easily create and manage all your Content Pages. And with those sales and orders coming in, you’ll without doubt be keen to keep tabs on everything right? Together with your free accounts with Sellzo, you are capable of creating reports and stats. Keeping touching your raving devoted enthusiasts has been easier never. You account with Sellzo integrated with your e-mail marketing system such as MailChimp. Now you can keep your list up to date with your newest promotions and products in real time.

The checkout experience for your visitors will leave them attempting to return again and again. Returning customers can easily see their previous purchases. And if your customers are buying gifts for others, they can choose to ship to their friend’s place instead easily. None registered buyers can quickly log on to your online shop using their social media accounts!

Build reliability by appealing happy customers to leave you feedback or a store rating. Nothing says more about you than positive interpersonal proof. Find new customers with ease. Managing, sharing, exporting, and importing your product inventory is simple. You can showcase your products with a Featured section or a “Today’s Offer”. And payments are secure.

You will have the ability to offer your visitors PayPal (Secure Gateway), Credit Card COD facilities. With various shipping and delivery methods, such as free shipping, level-rate fees, you should have it all wrapped up. Google will love your web store with Sellzo too! We offer you Google shopping dynamic integration. This implies that your store is discovered by Google shopping automatically.

So forget about SEO fees and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) fees! Which means that your Sellzo site shall be search engine friendly and mobile user-friendly. Never miss a potential cellular phone customer again because your site was too small to learn. So feed your marketing machine with high-octane fuel delivered to you by Sellzo and get your website the boost you’re looking for, today!

I realize there’s a reason that I ended up working with Book Baby which reason is their personal, email, and phone-based customer service. But be quick before the ongoing company expands too big and the personal email or mobile phone response time slows down. 4. Start the buzz for your self-published reserve or e-book.