The Business System Spectator 1

The Business System Spectator

Implement EAI, or roll your own just? Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is a class of IT solutions that allow any number of business systems to be integrated and managed as the different parts of seamless business processes. Business functions handled under an EAI solution can be wholly in a business, or they could be extended to customers, suppliers, and business partner systems–the holy grail of B2B. Point-to-point interfaces should be developed where only a small quantity of interfaces are required, either because the business is small or because systems are mostly from a single seller. Furthermore, point-to-point interfaces may be the best solution when the focus is mainly short-term, with integration needed and short-term expenditure must be minimized quickly.

On the other hands, a genuine EAI solution is the best option where many interfaces are needed, either because there are multiple systems in place or the business is going for a best-of-breed approach. EAI is also a great choice whenever a company is planning mergers and acquisitions that will further enhance the complexity of systems. Finally, an EAI solution is usually the best choice when the total cost of ownership is known as. The implementation and licensing cost of the EAI system will add expense up front, but long term the savings will come as future interfaces are less costly to develop and maintain.

Is it relevant to our contemporary argument? SLF Diverse Writers and Diverse Worlds Grants. Restrictions: Available to authors from underrepresented and underprivileged organizations, such as authors of color, women, queer authors, disabled writers, working-class writers, etc. — those whose marginalized identities may present additional hurdles in the writing / posting process.

Genres: Book-length works (novels, collections of brief tales) of speculative fiction. I Must Off Be! Travel Writing Contest. Genre: Travel articles, travel anecdotes, and travel reflections. Landfall Essay Competition. Restrictions: Open to New Zealand writers. Genre: Essay about New Zealand. 3000 and a year’s subscription to Landfall. Library Journal ‘s Self-Published Book Awards.

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Genres: Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy. Open to all English-language self-published books. No limitations on time of publication. 1,000.00 USD plus review in Library Journal. USNI Naval History Essay Contest. Genre: Essay: Identify specific women and their contributions that have caused it to be possible for America to build and maintain the world’s finest military. Louise Meriwether First Book Prize.

The Feminist Press has partnered with TAYO Literary Magazine to release a competition seeking the best debut books by women and nonbinary writers of color. Genres: Fiction, including books and short tale collections, or narrative memoir, of 50,000 to 80,000 words. 5,000 and a publishing agreement from the Feminist Press. Bastiat Prize for Journalism. Established in 2002 by the International Policy Network.

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