Who Doesn't Like Freebies? 1

Who Doesn’t Like Freebies?

How cute is this scrapbook birthday kit? So, this season I’m turning the big 3-0 and I thought it might be fun to do a giveaway! Who doesn’t like freebies? I found out MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking software last year and absolutely fell in love with it! I had formed never done digital scrapbooking before and I used to be amazed how fast and easy to was to learn this software!

They have a great blog, store, and Facebook page to help with any relevant questions and with learning how to use the program. Even if you don’t scrapbook, you can still use this software! It has been used by me to make cards, signs, flyers & other random things. What I also love about this software is you build a task or scrapbook page once, you can print out it off your computer or publish it to any printing site (cvs, walgreens, shuttefly, starfish etc.) that you want to use!

You are not limited to just using and printing products from MyMemories. I am always getting offers from Shutterfly so I like to use them the most! Here are the details on how to win this program! All comments and entries Should be making below on this original post to qualify!

First, you have to like/follow my blog-its necessary for this contest. I get more people to look at my blog! Plus I really do other fun things on my blog like product reviews and fitness stuff. Tell me the best birthday present you’ve gotten or your best birthday memory. Tell me what your favorite CatDesignz product is.

CatDesignz -then click on CatDesignz on the still left (she’s the number one designer listed!) to view her products. Share my blog link on your Facebook web page and tell friends and family about this giveaway. Pin your preferred CatDesignz product on your Pinterest page. Be sure you check back to see if your name has been selected.

Even if you are not selected, avoid being unfortunate because there just may be a little prize for everyone that participates! 10 from the purchase of MyMemories Digital Software if you merely can’t wait and want to buy this software RIGHT NOW! Oh, yet another thing and I promise I shall be done!

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My friend Catherine (CatDesignz) made me a special kit just for my birthday since I’m one of her creative associates. How cool is that? No one has in the past made me a kit! Here is a sneak peek of it-its not to get yet but keep checking her store page because of its release. The crimson is liked by me! Do you realize that’s the best color?

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