My Asian Skincare Story 1

My Asian Skincare Story

Unfortunately by October 5, 2015 Dowaja is no longer open up for business. My first ever membership container unboxing. And it ought to be, because it took a little of effort to get my hands on this subscription. Because it’s Glossybox from Korea. The September edition of Korean Glossybox to me The team behind Dowaja shopping service was accountable for getting, and they did a stellar job.

When I first found out about Dowaja, which can be an British speaking forwarding and purchasing service located in Korea, I immediately noticed it as an chance to get my hands on a Korean beauty subscription package. After reading about other people’s experiences with Dowaja, I decided to go and present it a try ahead. To be honest, my first impressions weren’t exactly all that positive.

  • It will be
  • Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Makeup Remover Pads – $10
  • Complete an academy of Art university software form
  • Doesn’t Break Apart
  • Designer Corrugated Sheets

The popular kids on the block (or your blog) were consistently getting replies to their emails and their deliveries in record time. Well… Let’s just say I was a very unsatisfied camper at first. But I am happy to say that after my initial dissatisfaction, Dowaja set what needed fixing and my experience with them turned out to be as awesome as everyone said it would be.

I can’t recommend them enough. The container was ordered by them for me, they examined the items of the package when it arrived at their office, they notified me that one item was an aerosol can and therefore impossible to deliver to me by air. They suggested options about how to solve this nagging problem.

They offered deluxe samples as an alternative for the pressurized product. They read my mind and selected ever the best deluxe samples. I’ve used the peeling gel before and it’s da bomb! Dowaja used their psychic powers to pick this set for me clearly. They offered me different shipping options, they securely packaged my Glossybox and mailed it out in record time. And it finally arrived yesterday.

And ok last one, did that Dowaja is mentioned by me will it all in British? Folks Yes, in English. Dowaja also provided me with a link to the contents of the package, but I chose not to consider it. I needed to be surprised. However, I did so stumble upon an unboxing somewhere deep in the bowels of these innertubes by total incident.