Having a great interpersonal media presence can do wonders for your blog, so determining the ultimate way to maintain that is one of my top blogging priorities. It’s easy to do incredibly; I mean, you just have to post! But one decision I’ve struggled with because the beginning of my blogging days is whether I should separate my blog and personal social media accounts.

Initially, I created a separate account on almost every platform. I figured that would allow me to create a more professional presence, and I thought getting followers would be easy fairly. Ha, that was not the case definitely. It had been especially hard knowing my personal accounts already had a huge selection of followers that I could be promoting to, while my new accounts had single digit followings. Some grew faster than others Eventually, which led me to deleting those that became hard to maintain.

I think I’ve finally resolved which accounts to keep individual, and I needed to share about why I made those decisions for those fighting the same concern! I created my first Twitter years before I began a blog, meaning my original Twitter account was full of high school friends; fundamentally, people who could caution less about my new post on the Genesis Framework.

  • Don’t be boring
  • Website and server
  • Sign up for a merchant account with the web host
  • Program all estimate, service, and contact forms to send automatic notifications to your email

I knew I wouldn’t get significantly with these masses, therefore I created another take into account my I’ve and blog stuck with that decision. This account can be used by me to share my posts, share posts from other bloggers, and post to keep things from addressing promonition-y organically. With this separate account, I’ve been able to grow a following of bloggers and blog-readers who are thinking about my content, and are more likely to share it with their own followers. Overall, I would definitely suggest creating separate accounts if you have a personal one already! I’ve gone and forth with this one back, and for a while, having only 1 account wasn’t much of an issue.

I almost never submitted about my blog on Instagram because I didn’t see a reason to. You can’t easily connect to your site posts and creating a graphic that blends well with your give food to may take a complete lot of time. Recently though, I’ve been participating in sponsored campaigns and promoting my blog more regularly, and it was becoming more important that I maintain a certain style throughout my feed. This account can be used by me to figure out my Instagram style, post about my blog freely, and create a following entirely comprised of users and bloggers that are thinking about my content.

I would absolutely suggest creating a separate account if you’re feeling uncomfortable about certain content or kept back from promoting your blog. It’s just a little complicated to perform two accounts (constantly logging in and out isn’t the best situation), but I think be worth it in the long run it’ll.

I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone who created a separate Facebook takes into account their blog, so this one is simple pretty. The primary decision is if to create a Facebook page for your site, and all I can say is, it won’t hurt! I hardly ever post to my Facebook page, due to the fact I don’t personally often use Facebook very.

This is the one accounts I’ve never duplicated, and that decision is thought by me helped me develop it to my most popular social press accounts today. The best thing about Pinterest is that you can separate your site life from your personal interests through boards, as well as your followers can pick which boards they want to match. For example, my university friends might not care much about my blogging tips board, while my blogging friends might not want to follow my college board. Whether someone’s following one of your boards or all 30 (I understand, I’ve narrowed down a bit) doesn’t really affect you or your numbers, so there’s really you don’t need to have another account.

One thing you can do to make this easier for your supporters is to make organized boards with concise names to allow them to decide those they’ll find interesting. Oh, and join group planks! They’re great places to get your articles out to new eyes and gain more followers on your own similar planks.