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Now this is a complicated question. Which means you have been on christmas and it was enjoyed by you! But would you still think it’s great quite a lot if you returned again? The British, as a nation are back’ quite expert at ‘heading. We find a location we enjoy and almost presume it’ll be just as good if we return undoubtedly. There’s a certain reassurance that you know what things to expect and obviously a benefit in being able to stay on course around.

You know the things to avoid and curently have in mind your favourite beach/bar/restaurant/resort. What could possibly go incorrect? Unfortunately what we should inevitably neglect to identify is that familiarity can sometime breed ‘contempt’…or at least boredom. Feeling nostalgic (and weary) I appeared back over the years to identify again where I had been and, where I had developed stopped at more than once.

Because of my profession in the airline and travel business I came across I had travelled to 79% of the countries in the world, many frequently, but I ignored the majority of those and focused instead on frequent holiday visits. I came up with a much smaller varied group of destinations dotted around the globe and wondered why I kept on heading back and would I go again? My responses to you is blunt and could cause disagreement but please endure with me as I start at the ‘most severe’ and get better as I complement!

These holiday revisits were the following: Mauritius, Maldives, Dubai, Barbados, Bequia (in the Grenadines), Anguilla, Antigua Athens, NY, Kefalonia and Majorca. Some verdicts were easy. For example I would want to go back to Mauritius never. I also quite definitely doubt if I would go directly to the Maldives again which really surprised me. I defy one to name as scenically beautiful because so many Maldivian islands anywhere.

I would also commend the staff in these resorts who work ceaselessly to give you a good experience. The problem I’ve is price and again, exploitation. It seems that the resorts press every last pound/euro/yen/money they can from the vacationers. Everything is billed at a huge high quality which results generally in most visitors being either extremely rich, luxurious or on honeymoon.

I thought Dubai was outrageous but even though the Maldives is not ‘naff’ it grossly overcharges. You cannot take alcohol in to the Maldives being a Moslem country yet they enable you to directly connect to a seaplane taking you to a resort with a full drink service. 10 in a UK supermarket.

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In the Maldives you get the pure beauty of the area but you aren’t getting good value and you are trapped on a small island with a diverse and sometimes not pleasant combination of guests. Most of the employees are Maldivian, Sri Lankan or Indian and they live in small compounds in the middle of the resort being paid a pittance in comparison with the holiday resort tariff. So many tourist go for a one off ‘holiday of a lifetime’ there, brief honeymoon or as part of a two centre vacation with Dubai or somewhere similar. The final on my ‘never again’ list is Dubai. What the heck have they finished with the place.

So much ‘in your face’ prosperity therefore little genuine sophistication. It is not as if the locals like you. I don’t am convinced they. Again you have the wealthy land/oil owners, a workforce from the Asian subcontinent and imported management to perform their businesses. I fully recognized or used the manifestation O never.T.T.

I proceeded to go there. The beaches either are not very nice! That got that off my chest. That is my not again list. Mind you. In condemning these places I’d probably swallow my bile and get back to the Maldives…. if I could afford it! I would not particularly want to go back to New York either. In saying that I’ve no particular gripes with the place, it is more which i hate shopping and that seems to be what most people do! I really do however love the surrounding area and New York City is really as good a base as anywhere else.

Heading south from NY you eventually come to the Caribbean and it is here I have had quite a few repeat visits, most of them very successful. For instance Barbados is interesting as it is two islands in a single. Why is you have the South Coast and the West Coast and they are both completely different to each other.