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Little Porcelain Princess

The Exfoliating Wash is incredibly creamy with hardly any exfoliating rocks. I don’t believe it’s especially effective in unclogging pores, but it does do a decent cleansing job. Next up is the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash. This foaming facial wash is very gentle on your skin but effective in cleansing. The Face Clean looks green in the container but seems clear on my pores and skin and fingertips! The foam is nice and light and appears to execute a good job making my pores seem a little cleaner. The Tea Tree NOSE AND MOUTH MASK are the next step in the Tea Tree Skincare range.

I use this mask once or twice a week. The face-face mask claims to cool and lift away pollutants instantly. I felt that once I needed applied the mask it heated up a reasonably uncomfortable amount but cooled off, and shrunk to your skin. It leaves my skin feeling very clean and oil free. I didn’t choose the toner because I love my Shiseido Toner, therefore the next step for me personally is by using the Tea Tree Oil on any blemishes.

This stings a little if used on open blemishes, but its seems and fine to help the bloating and inflammation decrease. The last step in my Skincare routine is the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion. This is my favorite item from the range probably! The lotion is moisturizing however, not oily or oily in virtually any real way. I struggle to find moisturizers that produce my skin feel soft and moisturized without making my face oily and slippery. This is a product I would definitely again purchase!

Here is an assessment of my skin before and after cleansing. Unfortunately I forgot to take photo’s of my epidermis before I started this program, but they have improved! Not significantly, but an improvement nonetheless! This picture appears airbrushed but it was not. There is a nagging problem with the upload, it will soon be fixed! There isn’t any big difference in the before and after photos. The Tea Tree Skin care range does almost nothing for my blackheads, but it can help get rid of any existing blemishes and assist in preventing further attacks. I wouldn’t say this is my ULTIMATE GOAL of skin care products, however the Skin Clearing Lotion is quite high up there! Have you guys tried this skin care range before? Are there any products that you think I will trial next?

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Some white teas are delicate to temperature, so if you find your tea a bit bitter tasting just shorten the steeping time. THE HUGE BENEFITS: Research is beginning to suggest white tea may prevent certain types of cancer, but more immediately white tea’s subtle crisp benefits are geared towards helping your skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. According to Wild Wisdom, white tea is also chock full of offers and antioxidants a high ORAC value. Suggestion: So, you’ve steeped yourself a good hot cup of tea, but it’s too hot to drink!

Allowing a few occasions for the tea handbag to cool, full leaf tea that’s damp and opened up and best for the skin–Hmm.. Treat you to ultimately an instant spa treatment! Rest it on your eyelid for a few switches and occasions to the other eye. Or, if you want strong flavors and used two bags in a single cup, you have one for each optical eye! Might as well grab all the huge benefits you can from something you’re going to toss anyways. WELL KNOWN: We’re currently really hooked on the White Tangerine Tea. It’s fruity and light and good with dessert or dinner.

How it’s made: Green tea is the least processed of any tea Leaf, to clarify (as white tea is minimal prepared but is not made completely of the leaf), and it is withered, steamed, then rolled, and dried. Flavor: Because it is minimal processed leaf, green tea extract provides fresh flavor closer to the taste of the leaf itself.

It can be viewed as bitter for some, but I’ve never had a good quality green tea that a little of honey or splenda hasn’t resolved any bitter flavors. A bonus is that honey is wonderful for you also! Some individuals find green tea a weak flavor, but I disagree entirely.

Brew: Ideally, at 175 degrees 1 minute is all green tea extract must infuse completely into a glass of drinking water. For temperatures significantly less than that, another minute or so could be added, but green tea is one of those sensitive types I talked about earlier that convert bitter when still left exposed too much time. I stated before, I’ve never really had a bitter advantage that honey or sugar hasn’t cured in an instant. The Benefits: We’ve all heard about green tea’s fantastic, antioxidant substances, most notably EGCG, and exactly how it’s cancer-preventative, but it generally does not stop there.

It lowers cholesterol, regulates blood sugar levels, helps digestion, and can even assist with cavities and maturing. Suggestion: I mentioned earlier about how fantastic our Orange Chocolate GREEN TEA EXTRACT is, and since this tea is not short on flavor, it is an excellent drink to have with desserts! Green tea is a wonderful transition drink from a solid meal to a sweet dessert.