Can You Believe These Clouds? 1

Can You Believe These Clouds?

How did it get to be August? I looked at the calendar today and it instantly dawned on me that in mere a few short weeks it will be September! THE SUMMERTIME is certainly going by so fast. I’ve really been terrible at maintaining my blog come early July. A lot of post ideas attended, and went but have never managed to get onto my computer.

I’ve experienced the glaciers cream/movie marathon/summer season reading coma that continues me on my couch at night with either a spoon, a remote, or a reserve in my hands. We are in the thick of the lazy hazy, days of Summer! The weeks between middle July and mid-August to feel like a blur to me. I celebrated my 40th birthday (I can’t believe I survived it! : ) and this past weekend my kid converted 7!

Why could it be that the times go by slow the years pass fast? It’s scary to me. Here he is blowing out his candles and making his birthday wish. He’s such a wonderful, funny, smart little boy. Love him so much! Aside from birthdays, we have been keeping ourselves busy with camps, beaches, libraries, amusement parks, music lessons, and a great deal of ice cream!

Just what summer season is meant to be ♥ Last night I made the most delicious Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie! Within New England the days have been H-O-T, and sticky extremely, but take a look at what the sky is doing. Can you believe these clouds? I’ve never seen them so big and fluffy ♥ We were at the playground that day.

I looked up and could not take my eye off the sky. The evening would bring I pondered the actual. You understand that perfect time of your day when he sun begins to set so you see little rays of light peeking through the trees? The day I was actually quick enough to capture one of those occasions that same.

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The setting sunlight through the Rose of Sharon in my own back yard. And this happened then. I took it all in and then said many thanks to the universe ♥ I used to be in awe of its beauty. COME EARLY JULY has ever seen the most beautiful sunsets! Even in my own little backyard they away blow me. I watch the colors differ from orange and pink, to purple, to blue, then to black. Night falls And then. I’ve been fascinated by the night time sky lately. I look up and wonder if other people are dreaming the same dreams as I am. ♥ I can’t obtain it out of my mind.

In case you were wanting to know what I dream of, I dream of a long way away places. The Eiffel Tower is so old it’s starting to curl. We’ve been to the ocean a lot come early July. Luckily it’s only a 15 minute drive from my house. I like taking place cloudy days to watch to the boats. It’s not as hot and the clouds are amazing.

Morning espresso on the beach is the best. We pack a picnic with coffee and donuts and revel in the morning before the crowds come. We throw rocks in the ocean and wonder where they’ll find you. Trying to get my boy to do his Summer reading is hard. For me personally it’s easy.

I’m currently reading When Autumn Leaves by Amy Foster. I cannot place it down! There are a captivating little town, fun heroes, and (yes!) magic spells. ♥ I just completed a reserve about Marie Antoinette, which was great, but for a change I wanted something a little lighter. That is perfect. I can’t wait to make contact with it tonight!