With Interest Income Still Quite Low 1

With Interest Income Still Quite Low

I received the following e-mail from a normal satisfying retirement audience and commenter. Aside from a little editing and name changes, I’ve still left her message intact. After reading through her concerns, see when you can add anything to my thoughts. Besides writing the majority of this post for me (!), I appreciate the idea Sue put into her questions and concerns seriously.

I’ll have a stab at answering them. Like many, she is looking to pension with a healthy mixture of edginess and excitement forwards. With interest income still quite low, and the “normal” investments no longer the safe places we once thought these to be, she and Bill are refocusing on the necessity to choose how the monetary resources they have are best utilized.

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Betty and I really do not have a regular monthly budget meeting. On January 1st for the year ahead We established our budget. It is based on last year’s expenses, what we think we will need to spend, and what our income shall be for another 365 days. Also, we have some money set aside for emergency expenses. After that it is my responsibility to keep things in balance.

If we get some good income we didn’t plan on we discuss what we should do with it. If expenses are tracking higher than they should I make recommendations for slashes and modifications and Betty provides her authorization or suggests a modification here or there. I really do record everything we spend in Quicken therefore i am never amazed by an out-of-whack expenditures category.

I can capture a problem very quickly. Our total expenditures have remained relatively stable within the last 17 years. How is that possible considering the ramifications of inflation and in areas like health care where costs have gone up a average of 10%-15% a year? The answer is easy: that they had to because my income is relatively fixed. Over the entire years we’ve altered budget categories many times.

In some years we decide it’s time to replace some furniture, so another category must be cut. Another year In, maybe we decide we’d rather cut back our dining out budget so we can spend a bit more someplace else. Cable TV and the land range phone went away in the past ago whenever we noticed they weren’t worthy of the amount of money to us.

My clothing budget is 85% significantly less than it was once i was working and I still have money still left unspent by the end of the entire year. I want jeans, a T-shirt, and gym shoes. 2017. We simply don’t buy or maintain clothes than can’t be laundered. 100) it doesn’t have to be accounted for. Betty will spend hers on the grandkids or the homely house. I spend mine on stuff for my blog, house and books. OK, your turn. What hints or tips can you share with Costs and Sue and everyone else? After all, we together are in this.

Maybe I’m wrong about that but I usually like to think I suffer more than other people. Because I do dammit, see those extra-large tears moving down my face! Anyway, Christmas is coming and my show myself is getting my shit collectively and working what I’ve. I’ll tell you my plan as soon as I’ve it in place!

• BPM Basics for Dummies-A free reserve by Software AG that provides core concepts about Business Process Management, and a guide for applying BPM. It includes a list of resources for extra details also. • THE ENTIRE Lean Enterprise-A book by Beau Keyte and Drew Locher on Value Stream Mapping for administrative and office processes. • Lean Six Sigma-Continuous Improvement Roadmap-A visual tool, created by Lean Office instructor Don Lynch, Ph.D., for determining organizational constant improvement and process learning stages.

• BPMN Method & Style-A reserve by Bruce Silver that provides a levels-based strategy for BPM process modeling and improvement. • Metrics for IT Service Management-A book by the IT Service Management Forum that considers the look and implementation of metrics in service organizations. • Continual Service Improvement-A reserve by any office of Government Business that identifies best-practice procedures for this Service Management. • Cynthia Karen Swank. The Lean Service Machine. Harvard Business Review. October 2003-Article describing trim operations in Jefferson Pilot Financial.