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This is one of my syndicated articles with Ezine Articles. Just this morning I listened to another news story about how surgical weight loss is easy, and a cop-out. Those that take this path are weak and too lazy to do it the “old-fashioned way” (diet & exercise). Who says we don’t follow a diet and exercise?

Reports like this anger me! Nine years after getting “gut whacked” I’m still working to control my health by keeping my weight, exercising, and following a conscious diet. Has weight loss surgery been possible for you? You are hoped by me enjoy this short article – Please leave your responses. Gastric Bypass: The Easy WAY TO AVOID IT of Fat Land – Right? If you listen, for a moment even, to the talk in overweight neighborhoods you will almost always listen to that gastric bypass weight-reduction surgery is the “easy way to avoid it” of Fat Land.

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People with weak spirits and good insurance get a lucky break, have their stomachs whacked and stapled and lose weight the easy way. Weight Loss Surgery: seen by pious public to be surgical baptism for the guilty gluttonous slothful. But those folks who parts of water to be cleansed of our fatty sins know better. Weight reduction surgery has gone out NOT the easy way, a straightforward dunking of the repentant, the sins atoned, and the price paid, the spirit and body healed.

We know the atonement is paid every day for the rest of our lives whenever we established our healthy house to be able with gastric bypass. We understand that WLS is challenging. Why, then, does the public think it’s redemption to weight loss? First: what the public sees is a rapidly diminishing person lately fixed by gastric bypass. The pounds melt seemingly in an ordinary view away.

What hides behind the curtain are the awful demons. We don’t talk about it. We don’t tell our regurgitating stories. Head games traveling you insane? Who you going to tell? Nobody wants to hear about the “E” term. So what the public sees front and center stage is a person regularly succeeding at massive weight loss; a person glowing in their own rebirth and betraying the hopeless and fat around them.

How else can it be explained? WLS should be the magic tablet, the easy-way-out of obesity hell. Second: the WLS grass-roots public relations machine tells the public gastric bypass is simple, we become our own worst enemy thus. Tell me if this doesn’t sound familiar: “I could still eat the same things, less of them just! How easy is that?