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You might feel exaggerated by viewing people possessing a casual talk with PCs in the 1987 American TV serial “Star Trek: ANOTHER Generation”. That’s all going to occur soon, it seems, with the new inventions in the technology. And yes, I’m discussing Voice Search. Voice Search – That is a common jargon of every netizen in present days. When your eyesight or hands is occupied with other jobs, it might be carking to type on your phone to make an internet search.

In such an incident, voice search is an amazing solution really. Especially, when you are driving a car, it would be effortless operating your cellular phone. Obviously, people are inclining towards this complacent feature. And it appears there would be great changes in the digital marketing world for this reason. Why don’t we see some projections and forecastings of digital marketing with this respect. Voice search is very simple to use in comparison with typing. Just notice that you can speak up to 150 words ina moment whereas you can type only around 40 words. That means, you may make your search faster.

This tone of voice search is very helpful for Internet of Things (IoT) where you cannot use a keypad. For the Google app, a phrase “Ok Google” accompanied by your question is enough to wake up the voice helper. Citing all such reasons, voice search is now the new search tool. So far, there are several personal tone of voice search assistants like Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Now, and Apple’s Siri.

  • Open the Facebook app
  • Disable the mousewheel-rollup feature
  • Make sure you have connected the Ethernet network wire (WLAN can not work)
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As of 2014 stats, 55% of teenagers and 41% of adults were using the tone of voice search. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, has revealed that 50% of the search concerns are from cellular devices, and a 20% of those are made via voice search. Voice search brings Google to wherever you are – be right at your desktop or doing exercise. And it is predicted that by 2020, around 50% of searches would be via voice search.

As per a study conducted in September 2015, 43% of the respondents say that voice search is quicker than using an app or heading to a website. Whereas, 38% of them say that it is more pleasurable than any other search tool. In the below graph Here, the data can be seen by you of the study. What’s this Voice Search with the capacity of? Now, voice search is with the capacity of many things that provide flexibility to making a search. When google gets you unrelated results, you can spell your query so that you can be got by it the proper results. For example, if you would like the images of “wales” and have the same, it could show the results for “whales”.

Then you can clarify it by spelling the term “w-a-l-e-s” and it’ll show you the results properly. Suppose, you wish to know where Taj Mahal is and searched is Taj Mahal “where? “. Later you want to know many things about it. Then you need not say “Taj Mahal” again and again.