Oversees MASB Performance

Changes recyclables (basic input) into finished goods that are sold to individual customers. Purchases inventories from other businesses and resell these inventories to individual customers. Provides services instead of products to customers. Oversees MASB performance, financial and funding requirement and reviews proposed standard bu MASB. Adopt international accounting standards or develop new accounting standards for Malaysian companies.

To advance the idea and practice of accounting and to provide education, exam, and training to accountants. To develop, support, and monitor the quality and expertise consistent with a global practice in the accounting profession. Managers, employees who use financial information to make decisions. Creditors, bankers, investors, authorities agencies, and the general public who use financial information to support their decisions.

1. Separate business entity: Accounting only information-economic events that are related directly to a particular business. 2. Going concern: The assumption that businesses shall continue its procedure to the near future. 3. Monetary device: Business should report all the economics events in a monetary unit. 4. Time period: Business operation can be divided into specific period of time such as a month, a or a quarter or. 1. Historical cost process: Business should survey its activities as their real cost. 2. Objectivity concept: Accounting information and reports should be based on objective evidence.

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3. Revenue reputation principle: Revenue should be named soon as it is earned and not in the period where the business receives the money. 4. Matching concept: Report the expenses in the period that the revenue is actually earned consequently of these expenditures. 5. Full disclosure process: Require businesses ti disclose sufficient information to the users. Conservatism: An idea to guide accountants to choose between available options. The selected option should minimize the likelihood of overstating the income or assets of the company.

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