The Beauty Alchemist

Phytomer is a French brand located in Brittany that creates marine centered skincare. It’s a brand I’ve heard about for a long period but only not long ago finally tried. Day cream that provides sunscreen and moisture Their new Algodefense is a fairly easy to wear . This has light SPF of 20 ( substance sunscreens) and moisturizer in a single. The cream is very tender, luxe feeling and comforting on body with an immediate feel of hydration.

It smoothes and plumps some too. But it isn’t heavy so it works very well even in Summer and layers under makeup. I’m combo epidermis so I generally use a far more matte foundation but I likewise have normal epidermis on the non T Zone areas so matte can look cakey easily don’t add some moisturizer there. This has been doing a nice job days gone by couple weeks and I’ve been tapping some onto my hands as well.

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No losing that little extra little bit of product that squeezes out sometimes. And I’m not going to rest, it seems very French fashionable and I like that too. Ingredients include glycerin ,essential olive oil esters , Criste Marine ( Samphire) essential oil , from a seaside growing place , blue micro algae , red and brown algae , and sunflower seed olive oil. They use a proprietary ingredient blend called “City Safe” that is marine sugars along with the algae for antioxidant/anti air pollution protection.

The real demographic information comes from looking at personal YouTube demographics, i.e. what kind of men and women watch your route. Yes, it can be set by you up on the platform. For now, here’s a glimpse of what are most viewed topics by gender. Don’t be anxious, you don’t have to be in the most notable 10 popular matters to get millions of views.

That’s the special of a billionaire social media platform. Despite huge individual rates absolutely, only 9% of U.S. YouTube. Why so little? Videos on YouTube either educate or entertain. If you can’t do either from it – don’t YouTube. When you can – test if this type of marketing works for you.

Instagram is mostly a photo-sharing service, although you can upload brief videos as well. It stands out and is incredibly popular (some 28% of online men and women use Instagram) since it allows you to utilize filters that will make almost anything look beautiful. By the way, the most Instagrammed (used an image of using Instagram) food is pizza. As you can see, Instagram’s population is young, black/Hispanic mostly, and female.

However, this research comes from the U.S., and it is worthy of noting that 75% of Instagram users are external U.S. The interesting thing about Instagram is its role in young people’s lives. First, it’s the most engaged public network after Facebook. Which is a bit unusual, because out of all different social multimedia platforms, this is actually the one not communication-based. A day And how many photographs can one possibly look at in?

But, research is research. Second, 32% of U.S. Instagram as their favorite sociable network. Many young adults consider Facebook and Twitter are old-fashioned, so do consider that if you are marketing to adolescents. And lastly, branding. That is crucial, pay attention. Somehow, and I can’t tell you why that is, people use Instagram to check out brands/do brand research the most. That is fundamentally your reason to bounce to Instagram marketing. Now I realise that your particular company might be selling something completely unphotogenic. Pinterest is another image-based platform.

It is worth noting, though, that it’s not a cultural marketing platform really. Communication isn’t a large part of computer. Pinterest views itself more like a visual search engine. YouTube, however, statements they are a video-sharing software while being the 2nd largest search engine. So, here you go, it’s puzzling.